Not Doing So Well!!!!

So... I'm completely madly in love with my husband. We met in Oct 2008. Fell completely in love... It was like love at first site. We got married In Nov 2008. Kinda quick i know. I moved here to jacksonville nc. He is stationed at camp lejeune. Anyways we have a beautiful house and Im living my fairy tale life with my prince. 

About a couple weeks ago I had to go to the female doc. I had an irregular pap. They said I had cervical cancer. But the good thing is Im not gonna die. All they have to to is laser it off. So when i found the result out I called John. I was crying and upset. His gunny let him come home to be with me which was awesome. They said since he will be on ship for 2 weeks starting tomorrow that he may be able to come home and be with me while i got my surgery. Well me  being me I got my hopes up today when I told him my surgery day. He said he was gonna talk to them and let me know if instead of going on ship for the whole time to only go for a week so he could be with me and be with my son while I was at the hospital. Well the marine corp being as messed up as they are told him that he couldnt be by my side, after they got his hopes up and mine as well. It just sucks..


Im in such a depressed mood about the cancer and now he cant come home.... Just to top it off, we he gets home in 2 weeks, Ill have exactly 1 months with him until he gets deployed... Ive been crying all day... Now Im sitting here watching him pack for ship and it just breaks my heart. But this is the marine corp life. The life as a marine wife... Right now it sucks big time....

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

I never realized how much you go through living the marine life. I was dating a marine and he would tell me how stressed he is, but I guess I never understood. Your best bet is to make as many friends as possible. IDK how old your son is, but you can set up play dates and I am sure it will help pass the time. Stay strong and keep your head high, lady.

aw im so sorry girl if you need ne thing im here...i will help with whatever i can