I can't  wet the bed at night "accidentally" so i'm gonna jsut try during the day... how should i lay?

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Lie on your back and pee. That way the pee courses down your crotch and further down between your cheeks. Yummers!

What my ultimate fantasy is: Drinking gallons of juice and then while sleeping in the same room as a girl, wait until I'm so bursting for such a huge wee, drink loads more juice in the mean time - wait for that to start filling my bladder and then weeing into a large container of some sort and while she's asleep, pour it all between her legs over her fanny - or between her legs under her fanny if she's on her tummy, and then when I'm bursting for another huge wee - just let go and wee in my bed so that I'm "ENGULFED" in wee. Then when we both wake up, we both just lay in bed because we both know we've each wee'd in our beds and too embarrassed to get out while the other is still in the room - (obviously at that point I'll know It's all planned) but she'll think "she completely wee'd all over herself in her bed" and will probably be too shy to get out in case I notice she wee'd in her bed. I'll be laying in my bed knowing I have too and acting as though I'm also too shy to get out of bed in case "she sees". That way we will both be lying in bed as if we don't realise the "other person" has also wet the bed. Then eventually I will let her know that I had an accident and then she wont feel so ashamed anymore and we both "keep it secret between us". I would love that kind of role play too. I'm a sick person I know :(

Doing it on purpose is more fun anyway, wonder if you tried it yet.

Hi, pinkness. Any progress since you posted this?

Horizontally, of course. ;-)<br />
<br />
Really, any way is good. But I like to start on my back, then roll over onto my stomach. After a while, I move to laying on each side. They're all good. You can't go wrong no matter what.