This isn't an experience......more of a fantasy. It's something I'd love to happen to me. I'd love people to make suggestions at the end as to what should happen next.........

Nick was uncomfortable. He’d been sat for half an hour in the pleasantly furnished front-room, drinking the (rather weak for his liking) coffee he’d been given and trying to respond as an adult would to the questions thrown at him from the attractive, middle-aged woman sat on the sofa next to him. He’d been polite and tried to be attentive, but there was a problem. He badly needed a wee.

The fact of the matter was, Nick wasn’t really an adult. He couldn’t cope properly in adult situations. For instance, a normal adult would simply stop the conversation, saying ‘I’m sorry Catherine, would you mind if I used your bathroom?’ Maybe slightly embarrassing, but forgotten instantly and the rest of the visit could proceed as planned.

Nick was sweating heavily now, legs firmly crossed, holding the now empty coffee cup and saucer in his hands and regretting that he had drunk it at all. He was finding it very hard to concentrate on what his host was saying.

‘…….don’t you agree Nick?’ he caught the end of her question.

‘Oh……oh yes, of….of…..of course’ he managed to stutter back. Why couldn’t he just ask her? Memories of his school days flooded back to him……last lesson of the day, fighting the urge to go……too embarrassed to stick his hand up, and then that dreadful realisation…… he couldn’t think about that.

‘Would you like another cup?’ she asked him. He shook his head, barely able to concentrate. He was pouring all of his effort into concealing his desperation, just longing to clamp his hands into his crotch and dash for the loo.

‘So what I suggest is……..’she was talking again. He looked at her, feeling a hot flush over his face. What could he do? Just ask her…..just ask her!

Poor Nick. It was all too much for this young man, who was not really a man after all. His whole body stiffened as he felt the first small spurt of urine escape into his white briefs. He must ask now!

With all his effort he turned to his host.

‘Catherine, I wonder…….I…….I……….’his voiced trailed off to a whimper and his eyes went down to his crotch. He felt his muscles relax and his bladder begin to push. He could almost hear a slight rushing sound, and he felt the terrible warm wetness spread around his crotch and underneath his bottom. He couldn’t stop it now. This was it. Here he was, 23 years of age in a strangers house, sat on her sofa…..wetting his pants.

Catherine followed his eyes down to his crotch. She saw the dark material of his trousers glisten, and a thin puddle start to spread outwards until it soaked into the sofa. She sat open mouthed as her young guest, helplessly wet himself all over the couch......

So, I'd love to hear your suggestions. What should happen next?
Ritter2000 Ritter2000
22-25, M
Dec 15, 2012