I Want To Wet Myself Over A Sink In A Public Bathroom

i was at a public bathroom the other week and i was bursting so i ran into the womens public toilets and i went in a 5 stalls where taken i was holding my ***** and i waited and i herd one women on her phone one peeing and one havind a number 2 i was waiting and i said could you hurry up please some of us are bursting and they said no you can wait so i stould there and then i could feel a dribble then i pulled my trousers down and my panties down and cocked my leg over the sink then i peed i was peeing then a women came out of the stall and then she said what are you doing and i said i was bursting i couldnt wait and then she walked out then i pulled my panties up then my trousers
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22-25, F
Jan 7, 2013