"To Pee Or Not to Pee...that Is the Question"...

I have a lover that loves the scent of pee in my panties.

It all started when I would take a pee before we had sex and I would drip some pee into the crotch of my panties....He ran his finger over my panties and felt the moisture, he told me how excited he gets when he feels moist panties after a woman has dripped her pee into them. He started to rub his nose in my panties, It got me very excited and I took them off and got on top of him. I slid his **** into me and started to rub the crotch of my panties over his nose....He was hard as a pipe and I loved it!

After grinding a few minutes I couldn't stand it... I had to wrap my lips around his unit, he continued to rub the crotch of my panties over his nose as I went crazy on his shaft....He came so hard it felt like someone had turned on a hose while I sucked the end of it.

After that, He started to beg me to let him watch me pee in my panties and one night I did. I straddled the stool and just let the pee run over my silk panties as he watched.....He was so excited that he ate me through my wet panties..... Then, as I still had them on ...He ****** the Hell out of me!!  

I loved that nasty, warm sensation...and think about how fun it would be, to do it in public.

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10 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Thats right, i can see through your stori'es that you're really open minded.<br />
<br />
Happylly, you're not the one, else i should go and meet you.<br />
But please go on.<br />
<br />
Oh, do you make request ? Do you make pict/movies ?

Oh good grief! You like peeing and physics and literature and you're half Welsh. If only I hadn't dropped out of undergraduate physics myself you'd be my perfect woman (and if I was 5 or 10 years younger, and I'd moved to the Sates).

I apologise if I've already made a similar comment on one of your other stories, my memory doesn't last beyond a few weeks these days.


You are so cool! Your boyfriend is very, very lucky :) Thanks for sharing.

I'd prefer panties moistened with your ************ fluid,then worn all day

Love it love panties dirty...... wanna eat yours to..

How come I always get the straight ******* guys !<br />
I wish my boyfriend would have explored more, he is always doing it the same way, and I did try to introduce new stuff like ************ while making love, or , having a ***** and play me with it, but no.<br />
Very lucky you...<br />

Mmm, my girlfriend is understanding, but she won't do anything like that - not yet. Slowly slowly, so as not to scare her :) Thanks for sharing - this story has got my hopes back up that similar might happen to me! As long as she's been struggling to hold it in a while that is :P

You need to pee on his **** when it is hard it is wild.

Lovely story. Now you need to make this one of your goals, then after you've done it, write up the story! I'm dying to hear it.