I Don't Only Want To Win I Want To Be The Best

i hate to lose! but i don't salk about it when it happens, my uscf raiting is 1480. but i don't study as much as i should, i play too much.
so this summer im going to study all the openings, mid and end game strategy.
i will improve my skills 300%!!!!!
i promise not to play from this moment on until i know what strategy works best for me!
i will go over all the top players games and then once im done i'll go and play in tournaments.
then after a few tournaments i'll analyze and study my games and come up with NEW strategy
and become THE WORLDS BEST
ps. i think there are people better then Gary Kasparov, and want to be one of them!!
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1 Response Jul 11, 2011

are you good? perhaps we should play a game some time, i might not be the best but its always good to have a challenge :)