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Enable Me To Help More People

I would like to win the lottery to help people that are struggling to help themselves. I have always done what I could and sometimes more than I should have but with money that is beyond my personal needs I would help people. I am not talking about people that have their hands out but those that are trying to make it on their own, with children and trying to make them into good and meaningful people. I hate to see good people struggle when someone with means could (should) help them. I would do this annominously as I don't want thanks, I only want to see them live a better life because they deserve to! Evie
EvieDrag EvieDrag 66-70, T 6 Responses Sep 4, 2010

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Totally agree with the sentiment BUT money isn't the only way people can help others<br />
The most valuable commodity any of us have is TIME!<br />
We are always saying we are so busy & haven't enough time<br />
<br />
If you want to help others by a "low cost" means donate your free time at a week end or at night<br />
There are loads of groups who would welcome you with open arms & I am speaking from experience <br />
<br />
Good luck...............HW

i would be more than willing to help others too, people that could definitely use a helping hand. good story,evie :)

i just think that would be a nice thing to do

While I agree with your first statement I have to take acception to the later. If you ever grow to maturity try reading it again. Till then go back to cuddling your everystuff! Idiot indeed!

Yes it would, it is a shame that our society isn't willing to do more. I don't care much for people with their hands out its the people that are struggling to make ends meet that are the ones that my heart goes out to. I hope all your dreams come true and thanks, I'm with you!

I'm with Ya Hon! First I would have to do somethings for me first like a boob-job, srs, laser hair removel, then take care of less furtonets. That would be such a great thing to do!