Happy Birthday Little Brother!!!!!

I'm here and I'm giggling,

My brother has me wiggling,

I want outta this silly bed,

So I can dance til my face turns red!!!!!


( I know, I'm an awful poet, stop your laughing!!! )

Have a good night, sweety and eat a piece of cake for me! (they won't let me have any yet :(  boo hoo)

Your big sister Giggles loves you to bits! Mwah and many happy returns :)

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14 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Okay, I woke up and I'm freaked out!! These BOZO doctors have made the trooper put a mask on and he isn't supposed to hug me....THAT'S BULL!! I swear I'm leaving this place ;( Haha, don't listen to the trooper, I never misbehave AE :) LOL

AE I revoked them but just for a few hours! (she was falling asleep laughing, I'd never explain to the doc how I let her fall off the bed! ) She'll be back later today, hopefully. Good lord, never encourage her to handcuff herself to something, haha, she would do it!!

Sorry to poop this party, people, but this old man needs his grandpa nap! I was up way too late last night drinking way too much red wine and making up jokes about lawyers. And the diazepam is kicking in. (I know, Big Sis. I take 1.25 mg only per day, I promise!) Thank You for a lovely party!

OMG I already watched it....*still drooling* I love that show for "obvious" reasons :) Oh yea, I also like watching them blow stuff up hehee, gotta tell the trooper something when he sees my eyes superglued to the tv !! You better finish watching lol, I shall take a rest :)

OMG you have a winning idea. Wait.....he has the keys, crap, foiled again! He's Laughing his butt off!

Aaw, hahaha, I like handcuffs :) hehee, Okay, I will just watch! The trooper is back and he says to wish you a very happy birthday!!! (psst, I won't let him have my laptop...hey, he might not give it back! ) He can use it when I go to sleep lol

Ooops!<br />
<br />
OK, Big Sis. You sit back and watch me and AE.... don't want to upset the good Trooper. You are in no condition (yet) to be handcuffed.

Okay, I'm for dancing!!! I sent the trooper out to get me something to drink since I can't have anymore tarminis,,,,ummm I mean martinis in my drip! Heehehee, got to hurry and get a dance in before he comes in and catches me and makes me go to sleep!!

haha! No more martinis in giggles' drip please, people!<br />
<br />
C'mon, Big Sis, Lil Sis...let's dance!

Yep, and if I have that drink you offered I will certainly be OFF - center heeeehheeee

hahaha, yes, I thought it suited our family well! Love you!!

Awwwww...<br />
<br />
Sorry I'm late, my beautiful friends! Thank You for being here! What a wonderful cake! Somewhat eccentric, it seems... like our entire family!

haha, well, I do feel a bit like Alice when she fell down the "rabbit hole"!