Ames-butterfly Angel

Ah I missed her birthday! I feel so bad about that! She is such an angel at heart, so I must make some amends.

Butterfly Angel
Sitting by the sea
Listening to the world
So intently
Fly softly in the wind
Gently through the air
See the world
Through loving eyes
And bless us with your smile
You bring joy to broken hearts
Laughter to lost faces
All the while thinking
You are much too frail
Butterfly, you are so much stronger
Battling the wind
Than any angel ever was
My precious Butterfly Angel




theredlady theredlady
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11 Responses Nov 8, 2010

Yes Marji you can if it's okay with ames! LOL

no i was askin emerald if its bout me shes sayin heh..

Well Ames I had a much better one picked out, but it was copywrited and I couldn't get it to post. This was the next best thing to the look I was after.

You know that's why I never assume the special day is a B-day. I have known a couple of people who considered their special day a very painful one.

thats me u r sayin?heh..

LMBO! THat's funny, red! <br />
But no worse than me... everyone thinks my special day on here is my B-day, and it's not. I simply left it on the generic day EP gave us when starting the feature! :/

yep! LOL I keep forgetting some people put the date in front of the month. Thought I missed it by two months! Whew!

LOL, that you didn't miss it! :D <br />
And it's a perfect writing piece here! She IS that strong butterfly that still percieves herself in the cocoon stage. She has grace and beauty even at her weekest moments! :) <br />
Happy B Day, Amy!!

love u too ,

Happy Birthday Ames! **HUGS** love you girl!

u didn miss it redlady..its today..<br />
thank u.<br />