Randy Wykle

im thankfull for the health and welbeing of all my family,and everything god has given me,for the friends that i have, i became disable in 2003 and lost almost everthing i had but god gave me what i needed ,not what i wanted, and im glad for that,because before i had everything a man could want and still wasnt happy, its not what u have that makes you happy its what you make out of what god gives you,and nomatter how down i felt,or if it was something i needed he made a way for me to get it ,and for that im thankfull, i could not even pay my utility bills,but god always made a way for me. before i wasted money like it wasnt nothing,but when i could not earn lt anymore,i learned a good lesson, so if god ever sees to it that i ever have a lot of money again,ill know what to do with it,he made me a better man for that,and i would like to see our country give thanks to the lord god,and leave christmas in the old time way the way it suppose to be,christ is in christmas let the people living in our nation,be the ones to make the decisions about the holidays and all important thing we what for us ,we the people,make the rules.not a bunch of trouble makers,that just want to start something....randy r wykle
musicmangibson musicmangibson
Nov 27, 2010