I just want to share this simple poem..
There is something very special I'd like to send your way
Lovely flowers and sunshine To brighten up your day.

A little comfort of the heart Like a song so often heard
When in each others presence Understanding every word.

Knowing without asking That there may be a need
Then reaching out and helping To do a friendly deed.

Expecting nothing in return For it comes from the heart
Being there for each other Like it was right from the start.

Your kindness and thoughtfulness Touches my heart every day
May this card express my feelings In a very special way.

Thank You My Friend !

angelinne angelinne
51-55, F
1 Response Nov 28, 2010

thank you. In this world filled with so much trials in life. when we get weary and hopeless and feels like no one is really concerned with how we feel.... but tried to hide it from public for fear of being humiliated or misunderstood... then someone that we least expect would come and offer his or her hand for help... that must be an angel ..