When Its Time You Know You Need A Divorce .....

When you argue over a fight that wasn't yours (fight that happened between 2 of my daughters friends) and he man handles you and leaves a hematoma on your arm from his thumb and fingers by pressing too hard into your skin and muscle (muscle also sore) , when he takes the word of others over yours and when he is wrong he doesn't praise your wisdom and credits you for your smarts ! when he says your invited to his cousins party and when he totally disregards the fact that his cousins husband has harassed you in the past (red robe story) and your old grocery store manager is their neighbor and made great friends with them and this manager use to rub his disgusting body up against yours (another story I mentioned on here) and still doesn't get it when I don't want to socialize with these people because it seems like anything goes ! I don't like him or his lack of intregrity. I mentioned what I want from a man in one of my stories "Character Traits" .... I told him today after he told me of this invite to this bogus party and I finally said "I should of divorced you 15 years ago" and explained myself yet again about the uncomfortable situation that he was about to put me through again. I'm done and tired and want to work on myself unfortnately I owe a student loan that doesn't allow me right now to go back to college and I just got done with one of these programs but it will be forever until I find a job ! and I am in the medical field ..... for some reason life has not been kind to me I feel beat, used, betrayed, washed up and my faith is not what it once was. I want a life and live and what I really want is to fall in love with a man who cares. Is that too much ? I finally took a photo of my arm with my camera on my cell phone and I am saving it and soon once this horrible economy blows over I am consulting a divorce attorney, I can't live like this anymore toooooo old and tired for this. If anyone has advice please give it Bella70
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No one should put their hands on you nor should you put up with emotional and mental abuse.Form strong boundaries.Stand your ground and don't take any sh*t !!!! Divorce him asap.xx

Kick his *** and leave him. ba<x>seball bats work well.

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