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Today Is Thanksgiving !

For a few years now, Thanksgiving in our home has dwindled from large gatherings  with all the trimmings,to going elsewhere, to just the three of us and a simple meal.

In the past there was a lot of being thankful, and then always an explosion of arguing.

We save the turkey till Christmas.

This Thanksgiving, it's Jim and I only.   Yesterday we made a pot of chili that was soooo yummy !  Jim had taco chips he fried from corn tortilla shells.   I had mine with corn bread.

Right now, we have a 12 pound ham on the stove simmering in pineapple juice with crushed pineapple, ginger ale, and cloves. May make a small dish of mac & cheese,and some spinach.

 Jim is getting ready to go deliver three turkey dinners from the Fairmont to rich folks who can afford such a service,and to lazy to cook.  Then he'll be back by 3 and we will eat  at our leisure.

We bought it to cook upstairs and share with mother in law, but we haven't spoke or removed the barrier on my stairs since Saturday.

It's fine with Jim &  I.   It's been peaceful save for the anger and hate seeping  through the floor boards. But I can block that out pretty well.  

Happy Thanksgiving all ! 


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You know Marji, are you sure Jim can't engineer a "mistake" and collect four turkey dinners instead from the Fairmont? Maybe one turkey dinner could go missing in Singapore as he makes the deliveries... heck, it's Thanksgiving, everybody is in a holiday mood, is anybody going to miss one turkey? One would expect the Fairmont to have "spares", and what happens to *those*, I ask you?<br />
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Hello Marji! We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Singapore, but all of these stories are making me wish that we did.<br />
<br />
Happy Thanksgiving.<br />
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(((((HUGS))))))<br />
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