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The day with BIG D  !!!!     8th June! 
Our little girl is one year older!!! 

Ok, let's start from beginning :

At first you were like this: 

Maaaany of your would-be siblings were running here and there, eagerly waving their tails but who won??? YOU!!! You were the strongest of all little sperms! You girl! You won! You are number one! *giggle* 
When you entered the egg (ovum), you were like *happy-dance* and *yaaaay* and then after couple of hours something started happening.

Now you had three layers, girl! But because you are sooooo stubborn, you were not happy with this phase and you wanted something more. Therefore you made a *pouts* and *puts hands to the waist* and went on... 

When you were visible on ultrasound you made a face at doctor, do you know it? 

And you little parasite were growing and growing and taking all the yummy things from your mom and finallyyyyyy....  you cam to this world! haaa!

You didn't like it here at first. All those hands on your body, and that COLD!!! 
But a bit later...  you started to explore the new conditions of this world and you liked it. 

Hehehehe...  and our little girl was growing and growing...  and have been more and more naughty day by day:

And now, when you are SOOOO OOLLLLLLDDDDDD!!!!! you spend most of the time in books, don't you? *wink wink* 

I wish you ALL THE BEST in your life, 
lots of laughter and happy moments,
good health and many good  friends,
with whom you can spend the best times,
not only funny, but also some cries,
because it's a part of life,
which teach us to smile  
and enjoy what we have.

Girl, be happy, don't be angry, smile and if there is a problem try to fix it with cool head. If you need help we are always here for you, say and we will try to help you in every way. :) ok?
And if not... then: 

Heheheheheheheh :D

ok, now time for your cake!


bublina bublina 18-21, F 31 Responses Jun 7, 2010

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eheh :)

The other people here shouldn't know how skilled bulbula is in his, uhm, studies. Ehehe....


Ahh, wait, they aren’t meant to know…. *giggle-giggle* =D

ahahahah :D Floydiegirl :D

Oops, I should have said bublina and bulbula who taught me this! =P Hehe, I know where my niece is coming from. *giggle-giggle, snort-snort* =P <br />
<br />
If I had a choice I'd skip it. =/ My Bhai is a sexologist! =O Aaah, yes, but Bhai has the theory and * cough* practical * cough* of it, so he will be the best sexologist.... ;)<br />
<br />
Thank you very much, Free. =] *offers you a piece of cake bublina made* It's not exactly that fresh anymore.... =[


thanks Free :)

nice story. very detailed. happy belated birthday floydess

:D hahah yes

ok ok my sexuologist :P

hahah :D niiiice :)))

Hehe, prd! =D We're doing the human reproduction system in bio now and I had this weird smile on my face and my Sir was like, "Who you thinking about?" and he did that eyebrow thing. *giggle-giggle* I was thinking of by bublina who taught me waaaay before him about the lovely ovum and ***** cell that come together to make a zygote. =P *hugs bublina TIGHTLY*<br />
<br />
Now give TP some of the cake. =) Don't even think of smashing it in her face. *wink-wink, nudge-nudge*

*runs to kitchen, takes the cake and gives it to hungry TP with a biiiig dose of choc and fruits on it*

uhm... okay, so... I will buy some antiseptic spray, clean your butt and only then I will kiss it.

Hehe, but the easter egg isn't special like my special echo-making bottom. =P

idk, easter egg?

Duh. =P What else? *rolls eyes*

the bottom?

Kiss it, kiss it, kiss it! =P

heeeheh looks like :P

So... I have a special bottom? =P

Then you'll get them when you do have the money. =) Contacts are cool though - don't have to push them up on your nose all the time. =P<br />
<br />
Hehe! It still is! =] *hug-hug*<br />
<br />
*takes out whip and spanks the bubbles* *spank kk kkk kkkk kkkkk*

I'm lazy to bother with contacts. HEhehe<br />
<br />
YEas, i want such but rigth now I don't have money.

I know. ;P *spank-spank, whip-whip*<br />
<br />
Contact lense? Or get those new classes that can tint?

I never said you were not :P<br />
<br />
And I don't wear sunglasses since I have normal glasses. Othwise I'm blind.

*pouts* At least I'm allowd to be stubborn. =P

No problem :D haha<br />
<br />
*catches that ur tantrum, smashes it into the ball and throws it back at your face* heheeheh

Thanks for telling everyone else, eh. ;)<br />
<br />
No, you're not! *throws a tantrum* "Waaaaaaaaah!" =P<br />
<br />
Mwahaha, you've got a bit of chocolate over there. ;) Don't burn yourself. =( Next time, protection: sunglasses and sunscreen.

Mwahahahahahha =D <br />
<br />
I'm not old, I'm more.... um... MATURE than you :P heeh<br />
<br />
I don't want so muuuch.. only a bit! Don't wanna be like an apple (rounded and red, and since I'm already red because i burnt my sholouder outside, no need to be also rounded)

*goes deep red* Now at leaat I know how I developed.... =P *giggle-giggle* Blame it on Bro since I learn from him. =P Hey, I'm not as old as you, Granny! *pouts*<br />
<br />
Thank you so much, bublina! *hug-hug, kiss-kiss* This is aweosme! You're really amazing and I'm sooooo glad I am able to know you! =) Thank you so very much, love it!<br />
<br />
Lol, yes, the spanking may never be forgotten! Now, open wide for that cake! *stuffs cake in your mouth*