My Twin, My No1!!!

*shine* ive known you for nearly 2 years now, but yet i feel as though iv'e known you all my life, your my twin and your my no1!! so, what could i possibly get you for your birthday??? well, not much, cos i dont know where you live, and ive never met you in person lol, so i have a poem for you!! now i must admit, i never wrote this myself, but this poem is a poem that was a lot better than anything i could have written, and it just perfectly describes the way i feel when i think about you!!


i lie on the ground
and stare into space
the stars start to move
into the shape of your face

i see you there now
looking down at me
with that cute little smile
that i like to see

you say "close your eyes"
"tell me what you see"
i see only two people
just you and me

were walking the shoreline
with our feet getting wet
the horizon turns pink
as the sun starts to set

we cuddle through the night
on that white sandy shore
and i hold you while thinking
i could want nothing more

oh i wish i could be
in that one special place
as i lie on the ground
and i stare into space

i couldnt have put it better myself!!!!

*shine* you are amazing, you mean more to me than you will ever know!!! i love you and i hope you have a wonderful birthday with many more to come!!!

lots of love and (((((hugs)))))

*cowie* xxx



I look up to the stars
tears running down my face
cos i know we will never
be in that special place

life goes on
and i must say goodbye
dont know how i'll get over you
but i really must try

you have found someone special
and i hope your love is true
cos its all that i could wish for
oh wonderful beautiful you

you came into my life
just under 2 years ago
our friendship has blossomed
and we've watched it grow

i love you my darling
my dearest *shine*
but i cant keep holding on
dreaming one day you'd be mine

i knew it would never happen
and it was too good to be true
but one thing that was never in doubt
was the fact that i loved you

alas dear *shine* 
dont be angry or sad
cos you've given me the 2 best years
that i have ever had

so i look to the stars
tears running down my face
thanks for the memories dear *shine*
in my heart you will always have a special place

love always *cowie* xxx
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4 Responses Jul 15, 2010

well, i actually meant to delete this story!! cos i mean, me and *shine* are history lol, still friends though, but nothing more than that lol!!

wow! I love to see a man in love and how sweet they can get.

*giggles* lol

it is a beautiful poem *shine*, and i could have written one myself, but as i say, that poem for me was just perfect, cos in my mind, that poem describes exactly how i feel when i think about you, if i could have written something better, i would have, and in my state of mind at the minute, i couldnt have thought up any better poetry thats better than this, i just love this poem, cos its so beautiful, and always reminds me of you!! lol : )