Happy Birthday Softkitti!!

Happy Birthday kitti!!! I wish you to live long and long forever...Now its time for celebration!!  Yes!!


Here are some of the cakes I bought for you....You cant select anyone or have them all !!!


maskedmenace maskedmenace
22-25, M
3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

*giggles....with cream all over ..sticks out tongue , smears cream on MM face and runs laughing ....grabs barbie doll cake ..giggling *

Oh...yes...You wil have your tummy big with all these cakes.....Runs to victoria and takes some cream and rubs them on her face,neck and hands.....

OMG OMG ....first of all your are the best !!!! *runs at MM hugs him tight...then runs at cakes and takes a piece of each ...sits on chair and eats every bit*...good lord Im having more ...though tomorrow I will have the biggest tummy no?...Thank you darling ..your so good to me ....*runs at MM again with cake icing all over face and hugs him again