Happy Birthday To Me ...happy Birthday To Me ....=-)



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22 Responses Mar 16, 2010

yayayayya *runs to Mother 2009 and hugs her* thank you darling..yayayayy

yayyayayaya it was my bd on 16 of march ...but now is good too.....*grabs sexy ak and dips her...grabs LP and gives her a big birthday kiss* yessss

What'd I miss???????

Happy BDay! *hugs*

Salsas with Sylph .dips her and gives her a twirl ...... and boogies down <br />
<br />
ahhh it was lovely *hugs squigglefish * thank you darling =-)

I received an alert from my email that it was your special day... but nothing specific. So I was not really sure if it was your birthday... glad EP alerted me!<br />
<br />
*Kitti and Sylph shakes and shakes... especially their bums*

ohh I have to look a card from my darling Sylph this I must get no?..yayayyay *runs to Sylph hugs her and does the hustle with her *....=-)

*Sylph runs to Kitti and gives her a big hug*<br />
<br />
Did you get my card, honey? *Sylph offers kiss to Kitti* .......beso...beso...<br />
<br />
Now hand me some drinks before you run out...<br />
<br />
*Sylph boogies with Kitti* ...... oh yeah... oh yeah...

yayayaya....*runs to more and less and gives him a cold beer*... I saved one for you darling..yayayay *hugs moreandless*...=-)

much too late for the party, looking for a beer among the debris...<br />
happy birthday, Kitti!!!!

Laurie ...yayyayayyay...gives Laurie a pink and green party hat and a blue frozen margarita ...yes ohh lord the paddle of justice rears its ugly head =-)

yayayayaya *comes in jumping on pink birthday pogo stick to where Dem is * come on join me on here darling ....uh ohh Paddle ....*starts jumping to exit *

yayayayya *grabs littleLena and dances with her and gives her a sparkly chocolate bon bon*

*runs in circle and waves arms in air like crazy kitti* ...... presents yayayayay

Presents! Kitti needs presents!

*giggles and shakes booty to the music.* yayyayayayayayy....dances around Larry and gives him a beer its 5 oclock somewhere

yayayayayaya ....*dances with scribs under the balloons * lol.......*runs for cake*

Happy Birthday Sweetie..*looks at the decoration* wow impressive!...

yayayayay....... dances with reece and spins ...weee ...hugs La La and hip bumps red *giggles*

Wooo HOOoooo Happy Birthday Kitti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *throws sparkles* heheh

**grabs Kitti's hand and pulls her to the dance floor** Come on Sweetheart =)