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Homenudie's Special Day

I heard it was Homenudie's day.....and if I'm's the BIG 50!!! So this can't be just any ol' birthday.  We have to go BIG!

From what I have read, he's an early riser so he has no problems getting up in the morning. 

I'm sending a friend to help him start his day.  I'm sure seeing her will make him even more eager to open his eyes and jump out of bed.  

She's delivering a special package for me.  TO commemorate this day, a special box of Wheaties will feature his shirtless picture on it.  At age 50 or any age, you can look as good as this if you continue to stay physically active.  


After you have enjoyed a breakfast for're going to get to meet a champion.  

Yes, it's your birthday but you still must hit the gym.  Now that you're 50, you get to hang out with a "Big Dawg".  

"Mr. Pecs"  who better to send you to the gym with but none other than Mr. Olympia himself.....Phil Heath!!!!

After a couple of "hanging and banging" sessions with too can have pecs as big as his.  hee hee hee!

I'm sure after Phil, you're going to be in desperate need of pampering and grooming so we can have you looking even more handsome.


Now that you're relaxed and looking spiffy....this is the part where I present a birthday cake and have someone sing "Happy Birthday" to you.  

Well the singing part is kinda played out.  You've had 49-years of it already.
I want you to have something different.....alluring, sexy and more entertaining.


No one does it better than Dita! 

Instead of a big crowd....I thought maybe you would enjoy bigger and better scenery to share with your special lady for your birthday celebration.

This was by far the most fitting birthday cake for you.

Happy Birthday Homenudie!!!  I hope you have the most amazing day!

Mahal1023 Mahal1023 46-50, F 6 Responses Nov 17, 2012

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I had to stop by and read this again. Sooo thoughtful of you and so well done. Thanks again, it was a big surprise for a milestone birthday!

Aaargh!!!! I just notice that there is one picture that is not showing. I've tried to load it three times and its not working. I'm glad you still enjoy it.

Happy belated birthday, HN. I hope it was everything you could have expected.

Not late actually, a couple more days and then the big 50! Thanks!

And here I thought I had good reading comprehension skills.

You do.

Sometimes I skim, a personal failing.

Actually I caused mass confusion on the date via a poorly worded status I posted a few days ago. The good news is I managed to score 2 birthday "days", one still to come and given it is the big 50 that seems perfect!

When you hit the half-century mark, I think you've earned two "birthdays"

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This would be a great day for anyone! Wow! :) But most deserving for you HN!

So sweet of you!! Thank you so much.

WOW!!!!! I love this post! It is perfect, every single word and every picture. The only things is this ... if that hottie woke me I would most certainly NOT be jumping out of bed!! I might even stay in bed till 51!

... and truth be told I have a day or two to go but am closing on it hard and fast!

I'm glad you like it. I had a lot of fun doing it.

It's great and I really appreciate it!

Mahal you do the MOST AWESOME birthday posts EVAH!! This on rocked! Happy Special Day nudie!! 50 is the first year to the very BEST part of life!! ♥

I agree completely! Thanks Sierra.

Sierra, this has become my favorite experience to write about. Its fun coming up with all this stuff. Wish I was a millionaire and make it all really come true for my friends.

Mahal...I think it ROCKS that something so fun and nice is one of your favorite things. That says so much about what a really wonderful person you are too....... It would be AWESOME to be able to do this stuff for others!!

That was a gorgeous ******* *****-tease!!! Happy Day to your buddy, Homenudie! What a great friend he has in you, M!


Ambrose..... watch more Dita videos. Not only is she gorgeous, she's graceful and quite the entertainer.

I will certainly do just that my friend! All I need is a block of time someday. Lol