Her Name Was Mary, As Is Mine~~~
For Grandma~ August 31, 1895 - November 22, 1976

And On This, Her Happy Birthday ~~~

Dear Sweetest Gram,
As I sit here with thoughts of you, giving thanks for all that you were, there is one thing you did for me that has carried and sustained me above all others. Gram, through your kindness, selflessness, and constant love, you gave to me a sense of worth that no one can take from me.

Lest others reading this might think I'm speaking of a lofty, puffed up, ego based trait, I will assure them that, rather, I am speaking of a humble knowing within my core, that I am of worth, dignity, and deserving of happiness. What you gave to me is something that every child should receive, but, sadly Gram, I am one of the fortunate few.

Thank you, Sweetheart. Because of you I have fared well. Remember how I always played my record albums on the phonograph in the kitchen? You had a favorite song from those years. I remember you telling me "I like that." Over 40 years later, with love in my heart, and the tears forming, I wish you a happy birthday to the sounds of "Let It Be."
Ah, Gram, were everyone so blessed as to have had someone like you. I miss you, and until we meet again, I love you, I love you, I love you. Kathie

"And when the night is cloudy
There is still a light that shines on me
Shine on until tomorrow, let it be."

Paul McCartney
Kathieredart Kathieredart
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6 Responses Aug 31, 2014

What a beautiful way to give a tribute to your grandmother!

:-) thank you, sweet pal o mine. Love to you on this day and always.

Thank you for "Grandma's hold our tiny hands," sciguy. :-)))

Reading this just filled up my heart, Kath. Can't you just feel her smiling? :)

Gram was so humble that she would most likely be embarrassed, well, the earthy part of her would be. But, yes, yes... she would smile and be brought to tears, most likely. Thanks, friend.

I would love to paint a picture and do the same for my grandmother. They can seem such little things at the time but years later we see very clearly that they were the biggest and best things :)

I painted this from a photo of her dressed up. We were poor, financially. It was the only nice dress she owned. I wore this dress to her funeral service. Your "biggest and best things" thought is wonderful. oxo

Oh, Kathie I love how you love! Lighting a candle for the love that showed you the way. Heartfelt respects to your Gram, a reverently kind looking woman. Her gloves are a beautifully moving touch. *tears* (((((((YOU)))))))))

I have had a candle going as well, I'm sure you are not surprised. Oh you, it's a day of doughnuts and grateful tears. *respectfully lols*

Brava Gram. Happy B/D. Let me add my thanks to you for helping my sweet friend, Special K, become the beautiful, caring, tender-hearted soul she has blossomed into. Indeed "LET IT BE". happy BIRTHDAY TO YOU! mini

Love and light to you this day and every day, mini. Your friendship is dear to me, and your words above so sweet.