For Heaven Beside You

February 19th, 2008 was an exceptional day for me because it was the day I met my best girlfriend, HBY.  Who would have thought that our mutual interest in getting in better shape would lead to a relationship of never-ending mutual trust, admiration, and a hell of a lot of fun?  We have shared a lot in the past year; lost some weight, she tried to stop smoking and I never started, I went through a lot of men looking for “Mr. Right” but unfortunately only found “Mr. Right Now” while she found “THE One”, I wrecked a beautiful car and her daughter wrecked the beautiful one HBY bought her, we faced adversity in the face and conquered it, we both lost our dream jobs but have hopes that our next positions will make the old ones look like nightmares, we have shared our hopes, we have kept each others secrets, we have loved and laughed a lot, and most of all we have proven to each other that there are people out there that can love us without a motive behind it.  I love you HeavenBesideYou!!! Happy Friendiversary and congratulations on making it to one year on EP.


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YW Sweetie. I have been around a little while so if you need any help navigating, or you just have a question in general feel free to send me a message. I may not know the answers but I can find out for you if I don't! Welcome to EP!!! We are happy to have you as part of our community.

All I can say is WOW! I am truly impressed. TY for your info,

All I can say is WOW! I am truly impressed. TY for your info,

EP was founded by Armen Berjikily. Armen, a Stanford graduate, started Experience Project after first creating a support community for multiple sclerosis patients. Inspired by a friend's diagnosis with the debilitating illness, Berjikly built a positive community chartered on empowering patients through knowledge. Along the way, the anonymous forum portion of the site became the most powerful tool of all. It gave voice to a group of people known to suffer in silence, and the opportunity to be among new friends, those who truly understood each other's challenges.<br><br />
<br><br />
Soon Armen realized that...<br><br />
<br><br />
* People are not defined by a single experience, but are a product of all of their experiences.<br><br />
* The more experiences we share with one another, the deeper the understanding between us.<br><br />
* Everyone faces situations where talking with people who "just get it" can be incredibly powerful.<br><br />
* Anonymity is critical to share all that's important without shame or fear.<br><br />
<br><br />
After 3 years of painstaking research and development, Armen released Experience Project - the first Social Experience Website. Now a community that unites millions of people through their shared experiences, Experience Project generates meaningful new friendships and touches lives by allowing everyone to simply be themselves, realizing that no matter what they encounter, they are not alone.<br><br />
<br><br />
Fungirlmmm has been a part of this community for around 2 years meeting lots of new friends along the way. I love it here and I love sharing my writing with you all. <br><br />
<br><br />
If you want to know more about EP, it's charter, employees, and other opportunities- that data is available in the community pages. To access the community page click on people at the top of this page>select community>scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find links to this data. There is also areas to provide support to EP if you feel led to do so as EP is a community sponsored website.

Now u have my curiosity up, Imagine that. Where and who is ep? How about some history for us newbies. Sounds interesting.

Thanks my spicy friend. You are so getting there with me girl. I look forward to the day with sit down with those chocolate martinis and have a gab session. Hi bff, I am sure you rock too!

It is great to have such friends. I haven't been on EP very long but thanks to friends here... I went from my first writing of sexless marriage to katie bar the door.. with a few tips from EP friends. I love the friendaversary idea. You know who you are and thanks isn't enough

Thanks Arsineh.

It's wonderful to hear that such a strong friendship grew here on EP. Congrats on your friendiversary!!

It was Rog.<br />
<br />
We love you too FG. So very very much.

What a great friendship, I love you two gals.

It is hard for an "out sider" to understand. I aspire to be one of them though. There are sweet. You can't hurt there felling because they are secure in there history with eachother. But lets don't try. OK?...DD

IJust for the record wynter... I am not whatever. I am a-hole. Just ask my wife. The good news is she loves me anyway

O)k guys u r making me cry. This is 2 much. Mewold---Adorable? Sounds kind of suspicious 2 me. R u sure this is not a swingers site? Just kidding of course. Congrats 2 all of u

Luv u...DD

Aww that is sweet! Happy friendiversary!

Aww that is sweet! Happy friendiversary!

Beautiful story of friendship shared by two wonderful women :)

We have such a special friendship that far exceeds the need for words. Most of the people you have seen post to this are some of my best friends on EP. We communicate through words yes, but also we have connections that do not need eloquent words to communicate with one another.

OK... I want to play nice. I really am trying. But what is all this one liner comments about? I know ever one of you is fully capable of expressing your self in depth, so why don't you? I look at it going back and forth and it kind of reminds me of birds chirping. Not that that is bad. I love to wake up to the sound of birds. Now I have a picture in my head of a lone black bird listing to a flock of very colorful birds chirping, and then the black bird lets out with a long up and down the musical scale serious of fluted notes and all the other birds are quite for a bit and then they go back to their one or two note chirps and ignore the puzzled black bird. WTF!!!...DD

Thanks flour.

congratulations to both of you- hugs!

Thanks MT.

Congratulations on your friendiversary. Cheers to you.


I totally love you too my funnest friend :)

Ditto! I love you girl.

I think in all the pieces of each other we have picked up this past year, some have gotten mixed in because I certainly think that there is a part of you in me and visa verse. My life just wouldn't feel whole without you in it.

Thanks AP

Awww mewold. You are so adorable.

Makes my heart warm to be in on your sharing. Thank you.

Thanks salar. I appreciate your comments.<br />
<br />
DD, glad it made you smile.<br />
<br />
IT, It seems that way sometimes.<br />
<br />
Aww Teri. ty chica

Fg well said , more bold writing, if only more people could tell their friends how they really felt then life would be just wee bit more simpler ....... : )

Just passing through...glad I did because you all put a smile on my face. Thank you...DD

Crafty??? LMAO!!!!

I love you too and that ugly *** avatar. Remember what I told you about the avatar? I am soooo glad you didn't live up to that. lol

Awww!!!! That is so sweet. <br />
<br />
We have certainly been through a hella lot of changes this past year, girl, but one thing that stayed constant and consistant is our wonderful friendship.<br />
<br />
Here's to many more years of it!!!!<br />
<br />
I love you. For real. Hugs.