2 Eyes, 2 Arms, 2 Legs And 1 Laptop

All, sadly, equally important  re: my existence. On August 10th, 2012, my laptop stopped caring for me, stopped fulfilling my needs, stopped...........just stopped. I waited 36 hours before taking her to an "expert" because I just could not accept that she was not going to ...work. He kept her for 2 solid weeks!  In the meantime, I had to face the kind of reality that I had been avoiding for oh, so many months.....I had to talk to real people in real time. To my amazement, I was pretty good at it, I'd forgotten that part of me existed, and thoroughly enjoyed the interactions with other humans. I've laughed out loud online plenty of times, esp at midnightstoker, but, it was amazing to lol with a real person in real life, real time. It all seemed so much more amusing.
  I experienced many awesome things in those 2 weeks.
1. Did you know the sky is filled with stars?
2. Fireflies are STILL around!
3. I followed a foraging Skunk around for 1 hour. They are SO busy!
4. Chewing food slowly really helps with digestion!
5. A person can do SO much tidying up when they are focused!!
6. I moved my body more and lost some weight and stiffness.
7. I cooked.
8. I read 3 really good books!
9. I went to the mountains.
10. 10 isn't enough.
I had her back for 3 days and again, she had other ideas. When I finally got her back, intact, I was very afraid to click into EP...I was petrified that I would get 'hooked' again. Spend too many hours a day there. That will probably happen but with more mindfullness this time.
 I know there are folks out there who can  actually take or leave the computer.I did not beleive you  were real 3 weeks ago..now, I want to be like you. I'm workin' on it. I also know there are people like me who get what I'm saying. Peace
 I love EP but, and I know this just might be 'me'...but, there IS life beyond it.
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Great and inspiring post.Thank you!

Hi, THIS IS TREYTHEBRAVE(:-),And I must say you are Very Amazing for expressing how you feel about your life.(:-). I felt every word from you as though it were me myself in your story. You're Awesome, Your good at anything that is Good you put your Heart to doing(:-). Its very good to spend some quality time expressing yourself in this very real world to experience also very much New Heights to Living Life in its Abundance of Joyfulness in its Capacity(:-). BY THE WAY I LOVE FIREFLIES OF AND NATURE. (:-).

"Living Life in it's Abundance of Joy" I like that very much. There is Joy all around us in the smallest things if we would just open our eyes. If we looked up at the sky or down at our feet instead of having tunnel vision, we would smile all the time. You have a wonderful attitude TREYTHEBRAVE!!! Always be that way, Don't let the dark side of life take over as so many do. Thank you for reading my words and for your amazing response. Peace

Thank you for liking my words unto thee.(:-). There is do much very much JOY ALL AROUND US each and every moment in the Little and Medium and All sizes of things we see as good to enjoy in everyday moments that make us smile in Ever Lasting Laughter.(:-). Yes our very eyes must be opened in a Focused way by realizing how Very Beautiful this Earth is and in also how we are Ever Created.(:-). We would definitely Smile all of The Time.(:-). Thank You, You do have A Very WONDERFUL ATTITUDE TOWARDS LIFE AS WELL(:-)<<<<33334(:-)(:-)(:-).... I WILL NOT ALLOW THAT VERY DARK SIDE TO TAKE OVER IN MY LIFE I HAVE A MISSION TO ACCOMPLISH IN THIS WORLD AS A LIGHT WORKER AND I WILL PUSH BACK THE DARKNESS AMONG AND THROUGH THIS WORLD OF OTHERS IN AND AROUND PEOPLE(:-)(:-)44(:-)(:-)44<<<<3333.... YOUR VERY WELCOME(:-), I'm very glad to read your words and you read my Mine and I'm glad we Responded Joyfully, PEACE BE WITH THEE(:-).<34.

TreyTheBrave! You ARE brave,,,you take responsibility for your life and your happiness, That takes strength and courage.

YES I AM HE!!!!(:-)(:-)(:-)(:-)4444<<<<3333.... Thank You, You are ARE BRAVE AS WELL, I DO INDEED take Responsibility for my Very Life and Happiness indeed as A Light Worker(:-), It definitely does take strength and courage, to know that you are enough to be and do what your dreams and Destiny says about you shows you that you are enough even in your weakest moments which shows you despite weakness or any failure you are enough and you have enough strength and courage to overcome in life as An Overcomer if Life.(:-).

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I was the same way and if I can admit I probably still am You wouldn't know ur but I have a family however ep is always on I may not be at the screen but it's on

Same here Sweetcityflower. I might have EP open all day but be doing other things as well. Since going out in the snowy world right now is very difficult (wheelchair) I am grateful for EP and the cool people I chat with. Thank you for reading and responding to my rambling!

Lol it is amazing that there is another world outside of our computers - I visit that place occasionally, just long enough to read a good book or take a nice walk in the sunshine

I like this. Aren't fireflies so very beautiful on the darkest night? Yep, I would tend to follow even a skunk out of curiosity lol

I like the way you think jersey!!! Focusing on things like that is so healing and peaceful. Thank you for your nice comment.

It is. Breathtaking really. Something stirs inside, the connection to it all. Realizing our similarities in life. I just like the way you expressed it.
I have a cabin in the wild woods and the sound of birds at dusk, always makes me listen.

A cabin in the woods. You are so blessed. It is just the place I go to in my mind when the world becomes overwhelming. I'm so happy for you. So many poor folks never see nature, never allow it to heal them. Too disconnected to realize that we are, indeed, connected to it all. You're all right jersey!

Thanks. You're alright too.
And it's true, I wish everyone could take moments to be just with nature. Or even others who understand that big part of life. It just seems unnatural not to be able to experience it. The things I own are not expensive. The cabin is simple, but I really need very little out there.

I have learned, as it seems you have too, that simplicity brings the most happiness. The stuff that cost the least fill our lives the most. I guess we should be out here reminding folks to look up at the sky, or down at the moss where tiny red flowers bloom.

Very true.

what does that even mean sir? It sure doesn't deserve a "LMAO"

Ok Livyn. jeresey thinks you are OK...that's enough for me. I will LMAO now...:>

LOL "L".....well I follow you on ep to see your natural ways :)

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God Gave us: 2 eyes, 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 lungs, 2 kidney's, But 1 heart... because GOD wants us to find our other Half. :)

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I so hear you!

Funny story! Glad you rediscovered life. Hope you can hold on to a new routine. :)

I enjoyed your post and I very much enjoy my internet time, and I hog all I can get, but, with 6 cats, 30 cows and the acreage for them to be happy on and a 5 year old grandson who has not seen the world, I do not see my days getting consumed like yours, at least till winter ;). Then me and the grandson go fishing through the ice, he had a very good year last year.

I think in today's world we become spoiled with the internet,it's all literally right there at your fingertips. I rarely sit on the computer. I only use e.p. or Facebook when walking my dog's. Far too soon life passes us by. We need to enjoy this world and not in a virtual sense.

Yep. That was definitely the point of my story. I agree! Thank you for your words.

There is a way to be connected in EP and still do all that you were doing or wanted to do... Get an iPhone with 3G plan. And m sure it will keep u going.. Going out, meeting people, cooking amazing dishes, having a glass of wine.. And still sharing your experiences is an amazing world :-)

Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions neoprince. When you suggested getting an iphone did you mean that that way I can always have EP with me while out and about? I'm not too swift in terms of technology, so I''m not sure if that's what you mean. If so, honestly, the last thing I want or need is EP being so important to me that I take it with me wherever I go. That would be the end for me. I would not enjoy that world.

I dont spend as much time as i have in the past..but like too come back and check on my friends, and always loved your witty sense,thanks for sharing ;)

Thank you Karma, for your kind words. I don't spend as much time here as I once did either. That's a beautiful thing.

how sad it is..but everything that is happening in life has a purpose.. there's no accidents in life.
And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.