Its Not Always About Fame

life was perfect i was the most reconzied person in the entire school everyone want to be me so bad that i just couldn't stop it. in i was a s.d.a ( seventh-day -adventist but surely  didn' t act like one i was just like the ppl of the world in fact i was a dark child it was all about goth ppl goth music and i was to call my self a christain was  great my exams came i didn' t care i did even study my number one dream was to be come famous i was so obbessed with become famous that after school i would of go out by the road and act so all the passer-byers would have seen me it was the only thing i had on my mind fame riches and becoming popular . life was in fact great but little did i no that after all i was going no where but hell but at that time it didn't matter in school ppl would come out with a bible when i was passing by them when our class was to go 2 church they would try to throw holy water on me and when they did they would stand and wait to see me burn up in flames. i did care it was to never to bother me until reality turned it was the day of exams i passed for a school i never wanted to go 2 but still me heart was as hard a rock has i really didnt care but after a whle i started to realize that that girl who was to treat ppl so bad that girl who was to be all in  black and have tattoes covering her from her from top to bottom that wasn't me that girl was a fake just to shown ppl 'hey look at me am tuff i can live my life how i want it ' after all this thinking i still couldn't confront the world it was way to shamefull i wouthought  i would lose all my fame my frens but i really was not getting the point that most of all i would of lost heaven . fame fens made me blind but now i am proud to say i am a christain to the fullest  i now learned that u can take everything away from me but you cant take my love for christ  i am now singing in church with my blessed god given voice i now withness in school now i dont run from the bible but  carry one with me to school and church i also writ stories on many websites and i am a changed man i now can call myself a true christain and hears the shock i am only 13 ...........

kelly96badatthis kelly96badatthis
13-15, F
Mar 13, 2010