Love Hurts More When It Last Just A Little While

why ??? why me why did he have to go i asked myself as i walked away from the the crowd i never thought the day  would come when he would have  to leave the tears wanted to come down but just couldn't   my hair was blocking my frown as ppl pushed there way to leave bunches of roses  on  his doorstep it was alot of  confusion as the car pulled up and took him to the airport a few other and myself jumped into the car it was the day my best fren in the entire world was going away forever he tried to change my bad ways but it was hopeless but thats a story for an other day  what a great human being he was quite intellegent and won the school smart-a-ton 4 times in a row and dont forget school king even with all of this he was still a humble littel boy who just loved his lord and just wanted to go to heaven i admired him so much and just to see him pack up and leave was so painful i gave him a  a postcard that i made by hand with like about ten pages of the good times we had  we also had a little party for him before he left it was the class gift my gift however was i picture day for  him a day when he will sit on a chair and whole day ppl will just come and take pics of him i thought it was the coolest brithday gift  ever but all the joy went away when he gave me a chain with a '' L'' on it that stand for leo  his nickname the plane was finaly here tears were slowly streaming down my face he then watched back he last words were u could forget me but never forget God  I THEN TURNED MY FACE AS HE DISAPPEARED  IT SEEMED like a grave-yard as we waited to see the plain take flight it had just shoot into the sky what a experience it was to painfully to think about as we drove home that eveing i once remembered anthony telling to always trust god and i do 

kelly96badatthis kelly96badatthis
13-15, F
Mar 14, 2010