My Gripe

Well I am 39 years old, married with children. Ha ha literally feel that way. I have been working hard jobs my whole life. When I was out of work I was with my kids more. It was so much fun to be engage with them on a daily basis. Yet the realities of life as a husband and father began t be more and more burdensome.

As you might have guessed it, I had to go back to work augh!!!!!!!!. I have a 8 year old little girl that loved the fact that her daddy was picking her up from school and that I was there to help with her homework. Now I just work and work and pay bills. Man I hate paying bills.

I wanted to play around with my hobby more and more. I am a musician so writing and creating music is my passion hands downs. I want to have money like Jay Z ha ha ha. I can't seem to find time between work, kids and wife.

Ok, my fellow dads out there here's the thing. Our wives have this ability to really get on our nerves. I love my wife, she is a good woman but why is it that every time I am focused on something that I am in to, she tends to interrupt not just once but alot. I want to just scream leave me alone just for 30 minutes please.

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Rasman Rasman
36-40, M
1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Well that's cool and exactly how I've felt. I am still working right now, but I have cut down my hours and am hoping to quit working for some years while I raise my children.

Yes, I feel some times it is hard when I think about my sacrifices for my family but I love them so. Well keep in touch and I will teach you what I know. If you got a passion try to make money with it. It is that simple. My passion is music. In fact here is the web address to my site if you want to take a look .

Here's a hint the links are the way I make money including Amazon. it is how I make my small online income. Been easy so far. Cutting back on hours must be tough. It was for me.