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Private Practice

After searching for months and no luck finding employment, I have decided to work for myself. So instead of perusing the help wanted ads, I am looking at sharing office space and the process needed to start my own therapy practice. From my current job I know there is a need, and there is a certain draw to being my own boss. I am nervous and excited, and am hoping to get something off the ground soon!
misssunnybunny misssunnybunny 41-45, F 3 Responses Nov 9, 2012

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Hey, Bunny: You could really fill a need in the area of sexless marriages! Seriously!

That's what I was thinking she was going to do. Group Therapy.
East coast and west coast.

A 1000 prayers for you to assist you in getting started and doing well. It takes a lot of courage to stick out a toe , and venture out, and start your own business. But the payback can be amazing.
Being your own boss, in control of your own destiny, can lead to a lot of opportunitues, and ideas,that you never would have been able to consider.

Thank you so very much for your support! =)

Phenomenal news!

My local community college has classes for first-time business owners - perhaps something you'd want to investigate in your area?

Thanks! I'll have to look and see what is offered near me. great idea!