Why Can't You Work For Yourself?

You all know you want to "work for yourself", but have you ever asked yourself "Why can't you?"  Every successful entrepreneur got past the "I want", then asked "why not", and found a way to widen their self limitations opening up more doors to opportunity.  The next step was to make the decision to take action.  But not all actions are successful, but are still a success as each failure will lead you down a path to a greater opportunity.

Success is everyone's right.  The problem is finding it within yourself to take the risks which involve leaving your comfort zone.  Stop dreaming, and start finding the answers to "Why can't you".

For about 5 years I was obsessed with my dream to work for myself.  I spent hours reading, surfing the net, looking for something to fall into my lap.  Nothing happened.  It wasn't until recently when I changed my thinking from "I want" to "Why not?", "I can", and "I am", that I started to see the rewards of my success.

For the first time, I am excited with what I do, and I am so proud that what I have, I accomplished on my own.  I love working for myself.

OnlyNow OnlyNow
31-35, F
1 Response Oct 31, 2009

That is great! Continued Success...