I Have Always Worked For Myself

I have worked for myself since i was 20 years old . I am now approaching 61. I started with my own truck as an owner operator. I had to be a driver  a mechanic, painter  and book keeper, the latter being the worst part of the job,I loved driving ,and had great pride in my trucks, keeping them in a good state of repair. I never actually made a lot of money from, the trucks, but profited from the sale of the yards, which I bought to operate from. I used to work about 18 hours a day 7 days a week , just to keep my head above water. It was frightening at times when the bank interest rates went up to 18%, I just seemed to working to pay them back. and nothing left for wages. It was a good job I had a very understanding wife and children, Anyway after 40 years  I look back ,and there is not one thing that I would have done differently. I loved every minute of working for myself, and I am enjoying every minute of my retirement, If I was younger I would almost certainly  work for myself , maybe not in the trucking job. There may not have been a lot of money , but I made up for it with job satisfaction. 

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My last husband was an over-the-road truck driver but he worked for a trucking company. He was a secret alcoholic when I married him. Three years into our marriage he was involved in an alcohol related trucking accident out of state. His load shifted when he was on a ramp and he sideswiped a concrete guard rail. The truck caught fire and he was severely burned (mostly on his backside)..
He lived a month and was expected to survive. The doctors told me that he could never drive a truck again, but it was unlikely that he would ever stop drinking. I survived 3 years of his alcoholic rages and felt that if I tried to leave him that not only would I be giving up and letting go of my marriage but I also would be letting go of my new found faith and trust in God. For 3 years I had prayed and pleaded with God to set me free but the accident brought me to the point of completely surrendering to God and His plan for my life - all my struggling stopped I finally reached peace in my heart. I took no pleasure in his suffering. The next day my husband unexpectedly died. This and subsequent events related to this gave me a "rock solid" faith in God. Because of this I can thank God for showing me things that came out of this experience that I could and learned no other way. This happened in 1984 and I've had other hard experiences to go through over the years but my faith in God is solid and I find my "rest" in Him no matter what circumstances I find my self in.

I've done both and working for myself is far superior in every way Currently I do health and wellness mentoring for boomers and above and love it. The people that want to improve their lives are the ones with the best attitude and a joy to work with. You'll never find that in an 8-5 office job.

I work for myself too. It didn't start out that way, but I hated office work and decided to make a career change when I was 34 years old. I am now 68 and still going strong. I totally understand what you mean by job satisfaction.

Was very happy to hear this story! My husband owns his own business and boy, you are right, when you said it is hard to keep one's head above water. He stays in a state of worry. It almost got him in 1999. He had to have quadruple by-pass heart surgery. He had hypertension and we did not know it. He is on meds and sees a heart doc and kidney doc regularly. I am soooo glad he made it. I had to retire and I don't make demands or spend much money. We eat out perhaps once a week. He needs a break. I make sure we eat together at lunch, even if it's a hotdog. I miss being there, but so much in law has changed since I was there. It is ever changing and if you don't keep up, you won't know how to do things. And that's a big loss. Hey, the other day I asked you if there were snakes in Scotland? I hear there are none in Ireland. I know there are Puff Adders in England and a lot of Grass Snakes, but what about Scotland?

Thank you Mymy

Thank you for your comments Jac.......

I hated working on cars , but would spend day after fixing my truck.

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Good on you! I've always thought that we have got to enjoy what we do for work. It doesn't have to make us rich, just comfortable and happy. My husband has a licence to drive trucks, road trains and dangerous goods vehicles...and he's both incredibly good at it and enjoys doing so but now only on rare occasions. He worked in management at a trucking company for over 20 years instead, driving for testing etc. Five years ago, he gave that up and worked on buses for a while and 3 years ago started a car mechanics business. He and his partner are doing very well indeed but it's really wearing him out physically. Even though he has realised he needs to get into better shape to deal with the rigours of his job, I feel it's still taking too great a toll on his body. He turns 50 this year and I do wonder why he decided to get back on the tools! I would much rather see him building a trucking business as I know that he would be absolutely in his element. He actually started as a diesel mechanic and if he was going to be fixing anything....this should be it. Cars are not of great interest to him at all. I have no idea how to convince him.... We live in Australia and even though I don't want to see him away from home for weeks at a time...I wonder if he would be happier. He's like a bear with a sore head now... he really hates working on cars even though it is working out financially.

great story...

That is so wonderful that you feel that way!<br />
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All the best,enjoy!

Hi Alvin, what a great, positive story. Well done you! I think sharing this with young men today is vital. Today's world is tough on the job front, with many youngsters not given a fair chance to shine while earning a decent liveable salary. Your story may encourage them to take all their ambition, drive and talent and try to make it on their own, and in doing so derive great satisfaction and pride! We've encouraged our 3 sons to do what they enjoy, and not chase the money. However they must recognise their worth and talent and demand recompense. Great story! X@

Yes Shep you are right, and fortunately, I did have a very supportive wife.

I'm going to show this to #2 Son. He wants to run his own business. I don't say much because my husband had his own business and we definitely had our ups and downs. The downs were really tough for us too. I always thought, I wouldn't like to see my sons go through the struggles we did, but that is the direction both of them lean towards. I also worry about the woman they marry. You have to be a very strong, determined, supportive wife under these circumstances when you hit hard times.

Alvin I am so impressed...I have always worked for other people and have not come near the job satisfaction you have...may have loved many of my jobs but not so much office politics.<br />
Good for you for working hard and enjoying it and knowing that lots of money isn't the key to contentment. :)

You are one happy turkey, and I comment you for a good life style. Share your happiness with people and show the young one what it take to be successful and satisfied. For example, my step dad was in the Army corp. of engineers automotive mechanic. He showed me many things about fixing cars and trucks, but since his death, sure wish I would have listen more, and not be such a smart asss. He told me little about taking care of myself with women or family, but maybe because I knew it all, yea right.<br />
Today, after 20 years of his death I still remember little things about cars.