Really Need Some Help....

I already do online work and make half the amount I make at my full time job. I've been on medical leave from my full time job since October 2009. My first day back is supposed to be tomorrow. The doctor didn't want to release me back because he has seen the stress it has caused me. So to alleviate the marital issues (wrapped around the finances), he released me back to work and made a comment that he suggests a different work environment. (also, it seems like my back pain and hip pains are due to the stress--but not sure).

Now the environment is around inmates and I think I've had my full of them (I was desperate for a job because I was laid off and we were struggling). Well, on my time off I created some online ventures and ended up making some money, but it is not consistent. However, with time, I think the foundation I created will be great for in the future.

I'm starting to panic now that I am due to go back. My husband is completely STRESSED because the online ventures have been inconsistent , he has just been sued by a creditor for payment, and our water was turned off the other day.

Am I being insensitive for quitting this full time job with the inmates to look for something part time so I can spend more time with the kids and have time do work for online clients and at least bring something additional in to my online work? Or do I need to start taking nerve pills (like the doctor suggested---literally) and work at the jail and just suck it up?

Your comments are appreciated. I've already started posting my resume for part time work but not sure my husband will go along with me quitting what I already have.

desperatewife75 desperatewife75
31-35, F
Mar 11, 2010