You're Not Dreaming..there Are Real Wah Jobs Out There!

Hi, My name is Shannon.  About six years ago, I searched endlessly on the internet to find real jobs from home.  I came across get rich quick scams, data entry scams and every thing in between.  When I finally found out how to find real jobs online, I told all my friends and family.  They had so many questions about how I work from home as a customer service many in fact I started a blog.  If you are looking for no-fee customer service jobs, tech support and real typing jobs, you can visit my blog,, where I now offer free and authentic job leads to find real jobs at home.  To many moms, this is a lifesaver.
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I know this is an old topic but I thought I mention something I found.

I debated a lot whether or not to join an online marketing community. I'm not good at convincing people to buy stuff (even if I believe that the products are good) ... and I also wanted a network marketing group that was pretty new, but solid and ambitious ... so that limited my options.

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I also work from home for a company called Motor Club of America. The compensation is great and they offer benefits. Email me at and I will send you the information.

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hope this really works as i don't want another scam, too.