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Earlier this year I was folding my company and filing for disabilty and not in a very good place at all.  A friend introduced me to a company he'd been with for seventeen years and I knew immediately that here was the light at the end of my tunnel and I've never looked back.  Most "work from home" jobs are mult-level marketing or trickery.  This one is neither.  I spent less than $100 and that was spent on myself and was the best $100 I've ever spent.  Those few dollars were to set up my own membership and to purchase a handful of high quality natural based products so I could learn my job.  The products are all natural based, safe for pets, children and the environment.  The company sells direct to the customer.  My job is marketing to establish new customers for this amazing company.  If ever you are looking for a job you can work at home I can honestly tell you that this is the one.  The income is residual.  It' is not an enormous sum to begin with but the residual income increases and increases and is only limited by yourself.  You can learn more at
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I work from home with Global Domain International. As a GDI affiliate, you will be rewarded with a 10% commission on the revenue generated from each la<x>yer, down through a total of 5 generations, with no limit to how many "front line" (la<x>yer 1) affiliates you may have and therefore no limit to your potential income.<br />
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Whenever one of them makes a sale or spends money themselves on a GDI service, you will receive 10% of every transaction, whether it is monthly or annual, which means long term, residual income for you.<br />
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The investment is low, and the possibilities are endless!