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Someday the Dream Will Unfold.

I know that someday I'll have the time to do all the things I dream about.  I know that someday I won't have to leave home to earn a living.  I know that someday I'll be happier.  I know that there is hope.  I'm not sure how it will all come about so in the meantime, I'll just keep on working until I figure it all out.  How about you?

dorobo dorobo 70+, M 6 Responses May 26, 2008

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Well, for me happiness is helping others but not getting to deeply involved in their lives. I volunteer teaching people trying to get off TANF how to do it. Some even listen and some get jobs. Fantastic. I'm writing my autobiography trying to explain to my son who i really am and how I got this mixed up but so many rewrites and still have some 20 years of my life to cover. It's given me something to do, some outlet for my talents and a chance to try to figure out how I got where I am and see if there is some simply way to nudge myself in a better direction. My therapist has be writing a daily log on what made me mad and and how I analyzed it. I have yet to start. I think he's heading me in the right direction. I sometimes fly off the handle (don't hurt people or break things just get angry at people) There must be a reason for this other than that someone cut me off in traffic. It would be so satisfying to ram them with my car but the consequences of that aren't appealing enough so I just mumble and drive on. The yard has gone to hell since the snow and rain so when the sun finally is around long enough to dry it out I can go back to letting it run my life again! Like Thoreau said, we are owned by our possessions and not the other way around! I like the space a house gives me but there is something about not having a yard that gives one more time to do other things. Now, if I could just remember what they are! lol

Here I am 3 and half years ago just pondering on how to make it and I need flexibility in my life. I made the money but I just needed time for sleep for one, kids and my marriage was wrecked. My neighbour changed my life with this home ba<x>sed opportunity and now to say, I am working my own business, have all the flexibility and I love what I do, I am so thankful and blessed and I think I can change more lives like my neigbour did for me. Anyone can do this business, is just how bad you need the life change. I am so thankful for in this recession times I am so grateful. Please message me I am building a legacy. I so believe in what I am doing.

Thanks for your encouragment. Well, since I wrote that I retired from work and now am a house husband with a long honey do list. But, little by little, things are getting done. I'm going back over a lot of writing that I did in the past, correcting and bringing it up to date. I hope to get back on the novel I started over a year ago and ran into a wall with. I wish I could say that each day I write so many words but actually most of them are on EP so that doesn't count. But, I'm happy.

You are on your way to success because you "dare to dream" and believe in yourself! Congrats!!!<br />
I work 2 days a week and the rest of the time I work as a Wellness Coach sharing my products with others and working to help them reach their goals and dreams through nutrition. Am I rich? No. Do I love what I do? YES!! I believe in the products that helped me lose 50 lbs and lower my BP as well as helping maintain my Crohn's Disease issues. Not a cure but a BIG help.!<br />
I encourage you to find something you enjoy doing and then ask yourself how you can generate some extra income with it. Much success and Best Wishes!

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Humm, sounds too good to be true. Tell me more.