The Question Is.... Who Do You Know? (best Key In The Work From Home Bizz/strong Referrals And Leads)

About ten years ago I started working in the Home based Business industry working many organizations from Primerica to Pre Paid Legal and several others in between. During  my tenure in this business, I have found one HUGE element to be one of the major keys for success and that is FINDING THE ONES that definitely need /want what you have to offer! Therefore when it comes to finding and actually BAITING and successfully being able to hold on to those people as your customer-based-clientele is very critical to the life-line of any business-ALWAYS THE PEOPLE. So you may have heard the age-old question in business..WHO do YOU know(if NOT YOU), needs this______________etc, etc....No matter who I have ever prospected in business I would ask them this because getting referrals is a HUGE-HELPING HAND as anyone entering the Work From Home field would soon see. It has been quite a very interesting UP and DOWN journey in my years of experience in the business and I had to learn 1.) How to: work best with people via phone and in person 2.) How to seek out the people, finding where they were in order to present my service/products to them OF COURSE keeping in mind to strive in making the best 1st impression that I possibly could. 3.) I had to gradually GET OUT OF the mindset of the average EMPLOYEE- and start to focus on  learning all the ropes I could and STILL CAN LEARN, about being more and more of a budding SUCCESSFUL-ENTREPRENEUR! 4.) I had to learn more and more not only about service/product-knowledge, studying my crafts thoroughly, learning the ART OF attraction-marketing/making that GREAT 1ST IMPRESSION remember, it is NOT always about what you say to THE RIGHT PEOPLE,but it is HOW you express it to them, that YOU have a GREAT/NEEDFUL-USEFUL product or service- ENTHUSIASM is a major-KEY as well! 5.) THIS ONE IS just as critical if not more:  I HAD TO ACCEPT that rejection is a BIG factor in this NUMBERS-GAME of business. "some will, SOME WON'T so what WHO IS NEXT?"  You have to be DETERMINED with everyday to keep on keeping on with TENACITY in your game pushing it HARD to the very limit and beyond. YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER: for every 1000 people that tell you 'NO" there are another 10,000 out there somewhere! In my company I have a WIDE TERRITORY of 3 HUGE COUNTRIES...the UK, USA, SO-WHAT if I get 2000 people tell me "NO" in a month, I have MILLIONS MORE-LITERALLY to go through. 6). I had to learn that within the NUMBERS, the LONGER and farther that I KEEP GOING, then the sooner and NEARER gets the ONES THAT I want and NEED for my company/products/services see, we have to be bad before BECOMING GOOD,Failing-FORWARD into success and MAKING OUR GOOD BETTER and our "better"-THE BEST that we can muster!  DETERMINATION is another huge term that means a lot to me in life. 7.) THINKING-OUTSIDE-OF-THE-BOX,,,is very VERY crucial here in the ENTREPRENEURIAL-REALM y'all now we all have guidelines that we have to follow, but if we SEEK OUT ways to always strive for CREATIVE/CRITICAL-thinking in the ways that we approach our  business duties/work ethics WITHOUT breaking the rules then the more that we'll be able to HARNESS the power of innovation-finding what works in getting us the results-SUCCESSFUL scoring in this business RIGHT?     On this note everyone, I want to leave you with some ENCOURAGEMENT in telling you that YES YOU C A N do it!....WHATEVER you put your MIND AND HEART to . Plus I want to leave you all with a SERIOUSLY-IMPORTANT question:  WHO do you know that is out of work struggling to find jobs, or LOOKING for more jobs/SUPPLEMENTAL-INCOME?:  Please take a look at this:     and pass it on to WHO NEEDS/wants it and encourage them to pass it on to WHOEVER they may know and so on 

TY, Sincerely
Amiri "Rooty Del'Warr"  Warren
rooty888 rooty888
36-40, M
2 Responses May 23, 2012

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