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I do some things from home, with a reputable company who has been doing business for several years. The company is Market America, and they acquired in recent years.

I've been working with Market America and for a while, and I can tell you firsthand it's legit. I established my own internet franchise, and I work from home promoting it.

The company is very diverse, with many different things you can try. There are some simple basic things you can get into right away, and then other things that you would want to get some training on. Of the many things you can do with this company, I chose 2 areas which I will briefly describe.

I work from home promoting two websites from Market America, and

My website, is simply promoting online shopping. I chose this one because it's not difficult to get your own website and you can promote it directly from home. Most of us know at least a few people who shop online so it's not hard to get customers. Besides, if you shop online yourself why not get your own shopping portal and buy from yourself. Market America and are focusing their efforts on being the leaders in what's being called the Social Shopping Revolution, and are giving us the tools to get us there. They are quickly moving up the ranking of top internet retailers. I figure why not get a share of all the revenues being made online. By promoting online shopping, I get paid from thousands from stores who have partnered up with Market America. It's really cool that I get paid from a store such as Sears, without even stepping foot into a Sears as an employee.

My is a tool I have been given by Market America to help me earn income by assisting small to midsize companies with their website needs. Depending on the needs of the company, I immediately earn between $400 to $2,100 for each company who receives our website services. Other commissions and bonuses are paid out also. I can certainly give out more info on this should someone be interested.

As I mentioned above, this company is very diverse and has other opportunites in health and wellness, cosmetics, financial advisory services, water filtration, pool and spa, and others. Over time I do plan on expanding my earnings potential by getting involved with the other areas Market America has.

If anyone is interested, I would be happy to give more details. Actually, for those who become very interested and serious, I have a few apprenticeship positions. I can discuss the apprenticeship positions to those who want to learn more. The apprenticeship programs is basically a system allowing someone to give it a trial run and get credit for it.
steve7744 steve7744
36-40, M
Jul 31, 2012