Is This Even Possible

I thought at one time I would like to work from home especially since I am now a single mother. I want to have the time to spend with my children and watch them doing the things they love to do.  I also thought it would be a good way to work my way through school so that I could have time to study without having to worry about how am I going to make it so work or school or not if the weather is bad or my car has problems.  I need the money just to come in regardless what I am doing but in order for that to happen I must be able to get to work.  
Well I have looked and looked........nothing.  Everything I walk into spells scam and it is disheartening knowing that there are jobs out there but not where to find them.  Then I wonder how many of these jobs are being outsourced to other countries and things.  
missamberlawrence missamberlawrence
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I would like to help you please contact me for more info and we can go over the details

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