At 57 Y/o and No Car. ...

At 57 y/o and no car. I would LOVE a job where I could work from home. Even better if I could utilise my computer. I have looked online but they all seem to want you to outlay money first. I ain't got none.!!! I have joined survey sites and found them such a waste of time, {apart from giving my points to a charity}. Also I have to say that I have no qualifications on paper, only a certificate of communication from T.A.F.E. {Oh and of course a certificate on 57 years of life}. haha

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Please try this website it is legitimate in business for over 6 years going strong.

Hi, I recently Joined a business called "motor club of America" basically all I do is refer people to Join or work with me and I get paid..Now there is a 40 charge to start...BUT the 40$ is your reimbursed back to you and once paid you are an official MCA MEMBER (BETTER THEN "AAA" BENEFITS)AND ASSOCIATE!!!! AND you are paid weekly via direct deposit or ups mail...Myself since i was concerned of scams i had my first few checks mailed!!

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Believe me i have been looking for a work from home business for a year...after researching this for a month then joining i have not regret can also google or youtube about the business as much as you wish....i assure you it's legit = D

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Here I am 3 and half years ago just pondering on how to make it and I need flexibility in my life. I made the money but I just needed time for sleep for one, kids and my marriage was wrecked. My neighbour changed my life with this home ba<x>sed opportunity and now to say, I am working my own business, have all the flexibility and I love what I do, I am so thankful and blessed and I think I can change more lives like my neigbour did for me. Anyone can do this business, is just how bad you need the life change. I am so thankful for in this recession times I am so grateful. I beleive I can help you. Message me if you are intrested.

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Many people say there is nowhere online that is legit that is not true. You can do medical transc<x>ripting which can be done from your home. There are a lot of places online who need telemarketing. You just have to be whilling to really work. I have been doing a lot of research because I too wanna work from home. I have 4 kids and cant afford not to. I did found a website that gives you cash back for purchases online. Its totally free and LEGIT!! It is not a get rich quick site, but you can and will make extra money. Here is the link you should check it out its pretty neat....Its called BigCrumbs. I hope you can get something out of it :) If you have any questions please feel free to ask..My name is Amanda<br />
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I am an Independent Team Beachbody Coach and I work from home and LOVE it! You do have a one time start up fee of $39.95, but after that, you only have to pay $14.99 a month for your personal website. I don't consider this a big deal, because I'm doing what I love, getting in shape, and making WAY more than that every month right from my personal computer! :) Message me if you want some more information, but I'd highly recommend trying it out!

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Might want to read Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk. Do you have an interest that you're willing to spend time developing? Could you speak of this interest again and again, in an interesting way? If so, Vaynerchuk's book could be a great help to you.

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There's videos explaining what it is and how it works. The basics of the money making side of it is basically whenever you shop online you make up to 15% cashback and when you invite friends to join your network you make up to 15% cashback of their online purchases too (up to 10 degrees of seperation from yourself). There's several hundred major retailers online and tons of different categories not to mention that the shopping is only 1 of 5 aspects to the website. So check it out, have fun with the it and make some money :-)

I hope it works out for you. Best of luck.

Affiliate Programs are free. Google "Affiliate Programs." With these you sell products or services online. One of my cousins got rich selling a dental plan. You can even advertise free. Google "Free online advertising."