It's Like A New Language!

Hi Everyone,

Yes, I work from home. I quit my full-time job to work on my online business. Instead of telling you about my business. I would just like to share my experience with working from home.

I wanted to make money really fast (who doesn't) but I had to take my time and learn about my business. I've accomplished so many things but in the beginning it was a little frustrating because it was entirely new to me. What I learned from my business is marketing knowledge that can be used for online or offline.

Working at home isn't easy to get use to either.
It was tough at first because I was no longer in the office. I sat at the computer and thought.."Oh no, I have laundry to wash, the dishes need to be cleaned, I have to start dinner...blah blah. Time management is what I had to learn.

I now make residual income from my online business and I'm pretty happy. My favorite part of it is helping other people learn the business.

I hope you are all doing well working from home. Hang in there! You can do it! Stay positive!
FijiLife FijiLife
41-45, F
Nov 27, 2012