A Work At Home Dream Job...just Helping Others..

It's as easy as the title says, no catches, no gimmicks.
And I welcome anyone to challenge my offer.
Your job would be to promote my website that charges just $5 per month.
How long can it take to find one person to spend $5 per month? 1 hour?
Well, that's it. Just find 2 people each week to pay $5 per month.

Here's how it works:
Every week you find just two people to join my website for $5.
Those people then go off and find 5 friends to join my site. Now they don't find 5 friends each week,
they just find 5 friends total. It can take them a week, a month, a year, whatever.
Their friends do the same thing, and then their friends, and so on.

After 1 year, you found 2 people each week for a total of 104 people.
Each of those 104 people went off and did their own thing, finding 5 friends, and so on.
Here's how you get paid.
Every month, I will pay you 75 cents for every single person in your Membership Tree.
That's 104 people you signed up times their 5 friends times their 5 friends times their 5 friends times their 5 friends.
That's a monthly income of $60,918 and a yearly income of $731,016.
And here's the best part... everyone of those 5 friends you signed up will each make $35,145 per year.
And so will all of their friends, and all of their friends, and so on.

So, here's the question.
Can you find 2 people every week who will pay $5 per month in order to earn $35,145 per year by working just a few hours.
You see, your friends don't even work 2 hours each week. They work less than that because they're only finding 5 people total.
They're not finding 104 people in a year like you did.
By the way, if your friends do find more than 5 people, then they make more than $35,145 and you make more than $731,016.

This is a win for everyone! You're not selling candles and tupperware to your friends.
You're showing them how to earn $35,145 per year for only $5 per month.
That's it. That's all there is to it.

If you're interested, here's what you need to do to get started.
First of all, you have to sign up for two months---that's just $5 per month for a total of $10.
I know you're tired of all the scams out there where you have to pay money in order to make money.
That's not what this is. However, I've learned that if a person isn't willing to invest as little as $10, s/he isn't really serious.
Let's face it, if Home Depot or Microsoft agreed to hire you tomorrow, but said you had to pay $60 first, you would pay it right?
That's because they are established businesses and you trust them; we all do.
I understand that, and that's why I only ask you to sign up for just 2 months instead of a whole year.
Unfortunately, life comes with a little risk if you want the big rewards. If there were no risk, everyone would be doing it, right?
Please understand that you will NOT be paying me directly and I will NOT see any of your personal information.
You would go to the website, then get redirected to Paypal, the same site used by millions of people around the world.
You do NOT need a Paypal account to do this.
Once you pay Paypal, they send me an email letting me know you paid, and you're ready to begin.
After the first two months are up, I will take the $5 monthly payment directly out of your paycheck.

To get started right away, just shoot me an email, or give me a call.
You can reach me at 443.690.6934.
coho68 coho68
Dec 10, 2012