Marine Wife, Working From Home...

I had a wonderful career. I was on the Regional staff with Marshall's Department stores. I met my Marine and we were stationed in Twentynine Palms. This is a fine area to live, but there are no jobs. I missed that since of accomplishment from working. So I searched for something I could do from home. I was hoping to find something to do, but I actually found a career that I love. As I mentioned I did a lot of research so I love helping people in general that are looking into working from home. So if you have questions feel free to contact me.

I also started the Purpose Driven Life recently and I am loving the difference it is making in my heart. Re-connecting with God is truly helping me keep things in perspective. Being a stay at home mom I am always looking for adult conversation.

I hope to hear from people soon.
Thegreenmomster Thegreenmomster
36-40, F
3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

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hey sharon, i like the purposed life isnt it great to know

some people, recognise energy others call the connection god, my hunch is god feels the connection makes friends and that brings conversation which brings change. sure it can be difficult when youre a mum to find conversations which feed your soul, and when you do wow thats palpable the difference it makes Thank God