Every Morning I Awake At 4:30 Am

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Greetings to Dranunfleye, Thanks for this Group.

December 2008 I decided to get serious and launch a 2nd career . This passion started with a vision board , participation in a healthy habits project at work and the opportunity to move on. One year later I awake at 4am, pray and then work on the computer until 5:30am.One hour in the morning is not enough .

I  dread leaving my home office (corner of my bedroom) to prepare for a long  drive or bus/subway ride to work.  Its very cold outside and I wish I could escort my granddaughter to school. My husband works from home and he is sooo free !

At work I visualize being home having fun, building a profitable on-line business. 2nd career is starting to pay off and the time to move on , resign , is rapidly approaching. I will make the move with a buy-out.

Social Media is a nice way to share , I like Experience Project

Until next weekend. 

Respectfully Submitted,                                                                                                                   HarvastVirgo


HarvastVirgo HarvastVirgo
1 Response Jan 31, 2010

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