I Want To,

But I have done little more than pull-ups, lately, because my workout station is currently "totally covered up" in the projects I've been working on for a couple of weeks, now.
I guess I haven't had enough gumption to just 'clean it off". I sure do NEED it, though! Sigh!

Wish me luck and gumption- I need 'em both!
GodsLovedMan GodsLovedMan
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3 Responses Oct 1, 2012

Good luck. You are doing the right thing.

Thanks! I need to get started working out, again, in a big way, but it's been too cold! BRRRR! :-) Hehe

Good Luck !!!

Thank you! I'm going to have to get back into my routine ASAP! :-) Hahaha

So have you cleaned off your equipment yet?

Yep, but every time I clean it off, I pile stuff back on top of it! Oh, well, when I'm ready to do a workout, I clean it off, anyway. using too many excuses? Or just been too depressed? :-/ *sigh*

Awe huni I hope you're not too depressed. Exercise can help that too ;) but you're a pretty smart fella and already knew that.

I feel okay, thanks! :-) Yeah, exercise is REALLY good for you! I haven't done a lot of it lately, but I will get back into my routine one day, soon.
Thanks for calling me a smart fella! Made me feel real good! Hehehehahaha! ;-)

I didn't say that to just make you feel good. I meant it. :)

I KNOW!!! MANY thanks for that sweet compliment! :-) LOVED it!

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