I Want To...but Need Some Help!

I know the power of working out. Endorphins are a crazy amazing thing. They helped me with my depression a LOT, once I was well enough to actually get out there and exercise.
I haven't worked out much lately and my mind is going back to those old negative messages about myself. They tell me I'm repulsive and overweight. Those messages are not conducive to wanting to be in public, let alone running around in spandex. I don't open up to my family or friends when I feel the depression start to creep up again...it's easier to talk about it openly here. I would kill for some encouraging and reassuring messages about how to work up the motivation and courage to work out regularly again. How do you get yourself to go to the gym after a long day at work? How do you keep yourself excited or pumped about going for a run? Please share!
AmandaKellie AmandaKellie
22-25, F
Oct 2, 2012