Adrenaline Is the Answer

I know from personal experience that working out has helped me to feel better about myself. I remember learning in psych class years ago that exercise is one of the greatest cures or combatants for depression. I know that whatever it is that you "do", you should get out there and do it. I am not into the gym routine, though most of my friends are. I prefer running on the beach, surfing, and doing body weight exercises, i.e. dips, push-ups, pull-ups, leg-lifts, etc.

So now I am gonna do my best to get out from in front of this computer and go work out before I have to go to work. I know in the end I'll feel better about myself if I do.

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2 Responses Jun 17, 2009

Kate,<br />
I agree with you entirely.<br />
It's interesting to me though that in spite of me knowing how positive the benefits of working out are, I still struggle getting the motivation together to get out there and just do it!<br />
Hey keep surfing...<br />
"there's nothing a good day of surfing won't cure~"

I feel a bit like this, makes me feel alot better about myself. I would rather be outdoors doing excersice, I have tried the gym & like the group workouts sometimes but couldnt go everyday. I surf every chace I get, and I never miss when its cranking because it doesnt get good all the time. Priorities I reckon, people need to look after their health because there is no point just working 9-5 everyday and getting money and loosing your purpose and meaning and spirit.