Wiped Out~

In two words, that's where I was at...wiped out.

A couple days ago I came down with some gnarly sore throat/cold combo that's goin' around...my tonsils swell up and I am not a happy kid. Then yesterday as soon as I started feeling remotely better I went to a favorite restaurant with something to celebrate and I ran into an old friend. As the conversation flowed in 'n out with the tide, we knocked back a few glasses of some local syrah...it was glorious.

Then I woke up this morning to an unusually hot day and a weird tossing feeling in my stomach. Could it be red wine and antibiotics???

So I really didn't want to work out...I didn't even have the motivation to sit up. But after a greasy breakfast I convinced myself that I HAVE to work out...its time...I had a couple days off from being under the weather and now its time to get back into the rhythm.

So I went through my routine, and I went as big as I ever do. It was hard...I didn't have the air...my body ached...my shoulder kept popping...but the beat of the music kept me moving; that, and the determination to press on, the adrenaline trickling into my blood~stream...and the feeling that no matter what is going on in the world, in that isolated moment, I was free~

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