Puppy Love

i have always had a passion for animals. I've volunteered at a vet hospital for a summer when i was 16, and i want to get my degree in veterinary medicine and be a veterinary technician. animals are so special to everyone, they teach us so many things. but most people don't think like that. they think to animals are expendable and not really alive. my husband does animal control in our town, and it breaks my heart when he tells me stories about what someone does to their pets. in the area that i live in, there is a lot of dog fighting, especially with pit bulls. i really want to work in this area to help the animals that my husband is forced to euthanize because the owners didn't care what happened to it.

flutterbye1987 flutterbye1987
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1 Response Mar 27, 2009

thats is great to hear , im currently 16 and i reaally want to work with animals now.. and ideas?