Catfighting My Friend

A few months back a girlfriend of mine was a bit tipsy at our house after dinner. I made a joke to my hubby about his arm being strong from doing what guys do best. LOL. Her reply was her arm was stronger then mine since I said he has to stroke himself. I made a little bet and the next thing ya know the 2 of us are arm wrestling. Well, that led to another challenge of wrestling in the basement. We both were dressed in one piece swim suits and giggled for about the first minute or so, until she started to change the rules and TRIED to rip out my hair. Tempers flared and it became clear she really wanted to up the ante. Our swim suits came off (more like ripped off) She planted one hand in my hair and her other hand on my right breast. Both my hands were busy trying to pry her off my chest and out of my long brown hair!! I gave up on getting her hands free from me and just pounded her in the stomach and crotch. My husband came in and separated us for about 10 seconds until we both agreed to finish the fight until one of us gives in. During the short break we both removed what was left of the swim suits. We were both topless and it was caught around are legs. So the fight continued nude. She put some major scratches on my breasts that drew blood. I have to tell people my cat scratched me. LOL The feeling of domination made me love it as a sport. We continued to fight for a bit and the best part is we are still friends. I may try to pick a fight with her again soon. When I fight, I fight to win ;)
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8 Responses Sep 28, 2010

Good girl!

Good girl!

cant wait to hear about you and her haveing a rematch

So you won the fight?

madam, try a little oil (perhaps baby oil) for your subsequent nude catfight match in future, oil helps when both fighters tumble on the ground

I'm hoping there was plenty of holds and pins in the fight. Especially after the clothes came off.

hahah I would love to fight with you!!!,,,jude

I find it quite fascinating and erotic wathing women wrestle especially naked. Did your husband watch the rest of the fight with you two naked or was he banished from the room?