White Roses

He took me into the bedroom at night, the train of my gown was flowing, i dropped my bouquet on the dresser, i can't believe what i was seeing, our little bedroom looked stunning. He had set candles all over the room, white rose petals on the bed, the windows were open and white drapes were swaying with the wind. The moon was gleaming from the night sky, it illuminated his face in the dark. He looked so happy, it was finally here, after such a long wait it was finally here, he had contemplated this for so long and i was finally ready, finally ready to make our love final, to be each other's forever, and to build a bond that's unbreakable, tonight. Every lover, every moment, and every kiss with anybody else would be washed away from our memories. He started telling me how beautiful i looked tonight, every day, how he loves me, how he's thought about this moment for as long as he could remember, to make passionate love to me, to satisfy me, to give me all of him tonight. Finally we made our love official, we got married, and we’ve waited so long for our moment. We were lying on the bed smiling and talking till finally he kissed my lips, lifted me up a little; he started off by unzipping my dress off slowly, taking off the lace, and setting down the pearls. He then took off the veil from my hair, stroking softly, he started rubbing my skin, kissing my neck gently, looking into me. Then he would take my bra off, he said my breasts were beautiful, he touched my areolas, kissed my breasts passionately, and laid me on the bed. Next, he took my bottoms off, and then he was taking off his clothes, he got in the right position, on top of me and he would take my underwear off. We were both completely nude at that point; he put his bone into me, he would start out riding me slowly and gently because it’s my first time, and he knew it would get painful. He would go in and start going a little faster and rougher looking into my eyes, holding my hands, i started to feel the intensity, I started moaning, breathing hard, crying a little from the pain, he stopped. He laid next to me and wiped the tears off my face and whispered in my ear that it was ok, that if it was too much that he would stop and then he kissed my cheek. I wanted him to keep going; I didn’t care about the pain because I knew it would soon turn to pleasure. He continued back where he left off. I start yelling his name, telling him how much i love him, and he did the same. I started clutching on to him, holding on to his body, i start penetrating him up and down really fast without stopping, the blankets would fall off our bodies with how fast we are both going. He touched my thighs up to my rear feeling it up. When I stopped he pleaded for more, i touched his chest all the way to his neck, he grabbed on to my breasts, and then i would go slow again, slowly and gently looking into him, his hands were on my back bone as I moved up and down; it drove a chill down my spine. After a few hours I got off of him and went to rest next to him. I held on to him, told him that i love him and that it was the most beautiful night of my life. The windows are open, the moonlight gleams on us, the heat cools, were both sweaty and tired. I'm lying on his chest with my breasts pressing against him in contentment, stroking his chest with my fingernails as he’s stroking my bare back with his hands feeling up every part of my body. I can't sleep i just want to be with him, having him hold me tight like the night is never going to end, like the candles aren't going to fade out, like we'll live this moment for the rest of our lives together. Tonight I’ve been set free, locked up in innocence, living on a desire; my virginity is not lost but savored. I am now his to keep; he'll have me forever after tonight, like our fate is sealed with a lock and a key.

***This is a small excerpt from a book i am writing, what do you guys think?
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I think it is not 50 word erotica. :)