Night Flight

Night flight outta Miami. To Heathrow. Bizclass seats 12E/F.

Lights out.


“Take off your tights and panties,” he whispers and demands. 


The only words spoken.


Under the blanket, he plays and teases, fingers dancing. Under the blanket, I  play and tease, tongue  dancing.


I climax .  .  . his hand over my mouth.

HootieBootieInLuv HootieBootieInLuv 26-30, F 18 Responses Dec 30, 2012

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Which airline is that again?


Love it. ;)

Is that Mr. Lindbergh in morning flight? Folks today can't comprehend the proportions of hero he was to Americans and the rest of the world.

It certainly is and well done you for recognising such a great pioneer and hero. :)

Of course the tragedy of the 'crime of the century' and he was to a degree a Nazi Germany sympathizer and his politics were anti-Roosevelt but folks don't realize how much he did to pioneer air travel and air business from the maverick days of running mail state to state.

The fall residence of his wife where she wrote her novels (She and Charles often flew their water landing plane right on to the beach) is a half mile or so walk for me.

Yes you are right. Wow, isn't it nice when you can feel history that close to you.

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What a wonderful memory for a trip... a shared experience and an exciting secret. Oh, and I'm sure you'll share so many more.

Thank you for the delightful read. I can't think of a greater way to start the weekend than a cup of hot chocolate and a little erotica!

Course anything remotely English even 10 years from now will result in a slight, shared, knowing smirk.

Love it, very well done

A picture house so dark and black,two seats together on the row at the back your skirt would raise your legs on show my hands just playing your cheeks aglow your hand exploring moving ever so fast the picture ended much too fast wish that forever it would last smile

Gives a whole new meaning to "Please return your seat backs and tray tables to their upright and locked positions."

Is this fake?

You want the blanket?

Put it in the EP store, I'm betting it will sell.

I want the panties......

Not satisfied with the weekly mailing?

"Hi Dotness!"

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Seemed like it.

Well done.

Super hot and sexy! Awesome and loved it.

This actually happened to me, on the overnight train, when I was young. Apologies for bringing the topic down to earth. After all, fantasy is so much better

Actually, a final Christmas day adventure, probably minutes before the clock struck midnight.

back then, I was 19 and too shy to ask for her to take off anything, Besides it was winter. I reached into her panties and played with her ****. I felt it was full of fantasy and imagination, and she came multiple times, while the train crossed the mountains. I didn't come on the train, so there was no blanket to show. Only a day later, when I recalled what happened - fantasy and imagination kicked in at my end. Just before we got off the train, I asked for her name, but I can't recall it by now. No phone number, no address. We did not intend to meet again, but it was good. Man and woman meeting briefly ...

Very enticing...will pay more attention to those seats around me next time.

This is wayyy more fun the watching the movies they offer or reading a book!! Nice!! :D

I rather enjoyed this.... short, sweet and to the point

And exactly 50 words! No small feat considering the first take was around 1,500. Thank you.

Oh you naughty girl. ;o)

Good to be taken again ... sweet ****. Mmmmmm.

If there were only 10 more words. The punchline: "Don't forget your panties, Hon," the flight attendant coyly reminded.