Surprise Gift

Her excitement wildly evident, a deeply held desire hidden for years by practicality. Bystanders assume engagement, if they only knew the truth. Alone moments later the wind pushing waves upon the shore her hair tickles my thighs.  Her *** covered lips dance upon mine … how's that for starters, her words.


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8 Responses Jan 4, 2013

that was delish . . . it flows along nicely . . . then at the end 'BAM' ! ! . . . in your face . . . or should I say splash . . . hahaha . . . loved it . . . thank you for sharing. . . 8D

I love it!

Short, simple, yet deliciously playful. What a wonder to read!

I particularly like the 50 word constraint on this. Leaves so much to the imagination...

Brevity can be very challenging, but also very fulfilling.

Isn't the hair on the thighs so nice? Same as a beard...really nice feeling.


Great start!! *patiently wait for the rest!!*

Well ... it definitely makes for a happy ending - I know that much. =)

Nice piece, nudie.