She brushed the hair from her face and licked her lips. Grabbing rear, she went in for seconds. Moaning and writhing in pleasure. Caressing her breast, she felt beautiful...she was. A kiss as soft as her, she dripped in want. She grabbed her head and held it there. Girls...
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Well hello. Welcome to my humble abode.

sweet, thnx

I need a bib....

You dont wear bibs down there!!! : 0

Don`t wear much of anything down there. ;o)



What! Who! Where? LOL

Am I old enough to read this mom?? lol

NO...well, yes, but not in front of mom! LOL

Hehe I won't next time! :)

Love ya...

Love you too my exotic, erotic mom lol

Ewww, stop it T!

Okay, okay

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