Master R

My eyes filled with a demanding power you’ve seen many times before. Your nervous smile fuels my craving, you are mine for the taking. You know how it works you know the rules. Your dress falls to the floor upon command, your sole desire to please ... and that you shall.

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5 Responses Feb 24, 2013

This has made me think about what should be under my dress tonight.... lil thong... or power pants.... damn these choices

You under the dress is undoubtedly wonderful enough.

grannies knickers... sorry boys.... I did salsa the night away with a sexy lady though! But made sure I was home before midnight

Hmmmm. How do I evaluate this? In how long it took me to put my hand in my skanties, or how long it remained there .... ;)

*biting lip* Hmmmmphh.

Exactly. Hammer that spike like I am the transcontinental railroad.

So you find the historical references arousing? ;)

Impressed! I can't explain or write nothing in under 50 or less words!
Beautiful as always Nudie!

i can't remember the last time i wore a dress.. but ok.

this is EXCELLENT nudie . . . thank you . . . thoroughly enjoyed . . . LOVED IT . . . 8D

this was delicious nudie . . . I ate it up with a spoon . . . 8D